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  • What is the difference between legalized and certified translations?
    Certified translations are signed by a certified translator and include a translation certificate in PDF format that gathers the agency's and translator's details, as well as the Translation Oath of Faithful to the Original. Legalized translations require the authorization of the translator's signature by a notary public, which implies an additional cost to the service.
  • How should I send my documents to be translated?
    You can do it through our email Once the documents are received, a formal quote will be sent to you so that you can approve the quote before beginning the translation.
  • What is the estimated time frame for the delivery of my documents?
    The delay is subject to the characteristics of the project, for example: format, volume, image quality of the document, etc. For a more precise answer, contact us through our networks in the contact section of our website.
  • Which is the method of payment?
    Payments are made by bank transfer, or by Webpay.
  • Is it possible to pick up the physical documents?
    The physical translation applies exclusively for Legalized Translations so that the notary public can authenticate them, these are delivered in an envelope in your name upon written request at calle Marín 395 Santiago Centro (Marín on the corner of Calle Angamos), and from 16:00 at the reception (Locker 315) on the day of delivery, and would remain there 24 hours a day and for a period not exceeding 2 weeks, then, if they are not picked up they would be destroyed as indicated in the quotation. When you arrive at the address indicated tell the concierge on duty (in Spanish) that: Vengo a retirar una traducción and he/she will deliver it to you.
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