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Experience and commitment in every word

We realize:

Certified Translations

We provide certified translations for academic applications and work visas, with certified translator's signature and all required documents. Competitive fixed price of $17,000 per page to ensure superior quality. Contact us for more information

Legalized Translations

We offer legalized translations for processes requiring advanced legal validation, ideal for complex international procedures. Competitively priced at $25,000 per page, including notary fees. Efficient and high quality service guaranteed.

General Texts Translations

We translate business documents, literary documents, manuals, magazines, and contracts accurately, maintaining the original format. The cost per word is specified in a detailed formal quotation.

Urgent Translations

We offer same-day rush translations at $30,000 per page, guaranteeing speed regardless of complexity or volume.

Note: Rush service performance varies according to our current load. We will prioritize your project after existing commitments, coordinating the fastest possible turnaround to provide efficient and customized solutions.

Method of Payment:

We accept payment by Wire Transfer. Payment is in advance. For large volume projects, payment terms will be agreed at the time.

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It was highlighted by our clients:

Sebastian Cat

6 months ago

3 years ago I ordered the last service with them, then I left Chile but Hernan and his team have always been professionals in their work. The truth is that I thank you very much for your professionalism and speed. I always recommend them, the prices are grounded and even more certified as needed in documents to emigrate. I had to translate many documents and many of them very technical regarding my university courses.

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Anastasiia Poli

9 reviews 2 photos

Thank you very much for your excellent service! The translations are always done on time and fast, delivered with excellent quality and great attention to detail. They helped me to enter the university and receive a visa. Thank you and good luck with your work.

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Odelaysis Romero Acosta

First of all, thank you 100% for your service... it really is excellent. The love he puts into his work is remarkable, in addition to all his professionalism. I have legalized several documents with you on different occasions and everything has turned out very well in terms of quality and delivery times. Good luck and we are in contact for future translations.

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Work team
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Document Pick-Up: This address is exclusively for the receipt and withdrawal of documents; no customer service is provided at this location.

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