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Certified Translations

Are you applying to study at a foreign university or do you want to obtain a work visa? We offer certified translations that meet your needs. Each document is delivered signed by a certified translator, accompanied by a Translation Certificate in PDF format and the True to the Original Translation Oath.

The cost per page is $17,500. This rate is not promotional; It is our standard rate, established to guarantee quality at a reasonable price. We invite you to make your calculations and check the competitiveness of our service. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Legalized Translations

At "Business Translations", we specialize in legalized translations, a different and more advanced service than the certified translations commonly used for visas or university applications. Our legalized translations are ideal for complex internal procedures, where more rigorous legal validation is required. With a focus on efficiency, we offer weekly deliveries to ensure each document meets the highest legal and quality standards. This specialized service has a cost of$25,000 per page, including all notary fees. We are committed to providing accurate and professional translations, adapting to the specific legal and business needs of our clients. Contact us for more information and to schedule your legalized translation, ensuring you a service that will exceed your expectations.

Text Translations

Whether for business documents, literary documents, user manuals, magazines, contracts,  our translations are accurate and respect the original format. The cost is determined per word and is specified in detail in the formal quote that will be provided to you

Urgent Translations

Immediate Solutions

If you require a translation urgently, our Urgent service is the optimal solution. This service guarantees delivery before midnight on the same day the request is made, for a flat rate of$30,000 per page.

The rate remains unchanged, regardless of the complexity or volume of the document. You are investing in efficiency, speed and the security of guaranteed delivery in record time.

           Payment Method

We accept payments throughElectronic transfer. For large volume projects, payment conditions will be agreed upon at the time of quoting and for other smaller projects payment will beanticipated

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